View Full Version : Wire routing to front x drive motor

03-30-1999, 09:37 AM
I assembled my new Shopbot this weekend and have not figured out a good way to route the cable to the front x drive motor. This is a rack and pinion machine, and the y drive support struts do not have any holes in them. Does anyone have any suggestions for routing that wire in a way that is secure and easy to access?

03-30-1999, 10:39 AM

I've done it a couple of ways. Originally I cut a long strip of thin plywood that just barely fit inside the y strut. I ran the wire through the strut, then popped the plywood in place. The plywood rested on the rolled edge of the strut and supported the wire just fine. I tacked it in place with a few shots of hot glue to make sure that it wouldn't vibrate out, but it probably wasn't necessary.

A couple of months ago I was at an electrical supply place and saw some plastic wire guides with a sticky foam back. They have a 1" square base and a tube-like wire guide that snaps open and shut to run the wire. I put one every 18" or so on the underside of the strut and so far they're sticking like crazy!


03-30-1999, 01:31 PM

Thanks for the tip - those are exactly the kind of wire ties I was looking for last evening, just haven't found them yet - I will try some different stores this evening...

03-30-1999, 02:36 PM
A quick fix that I have been using for weeks now is masking tape. The other suggestions are probably better for the long run, but taping the cable to the inside of the "Y" strut should work for a good while...

07-26-1999, 08:42 AM
i siliconed mine into the lip on the strut at first, but took it apart once to retighten and align everything after much use, so then i got the idea... i drilled a small hole through the side of the strut just above the lip,one on both ends and used a small wire tie, the zip lock type,put on one and then pull wire tight and attach other. it works extremly well and can be easily removed and replaced if necesary, just think about where you drill before you do it, make sure bearing wont hit it etc.