View Full Version : Where to find WAGO connectors?

11-18-2005, 09:53 PM
I have located the WAGO folks at wago.com, and by choosing the USA, the site is even in English. My problem is that they appear to have 7 million connectors, all referenced by model names and numbers.

I want the connector which is used on the end of the probe or Z-Plate cable. Anybody know what its name and/or number is? It is gray in color, is a two-pin connector, and says 'WAGO MCS' on the side.

I suppose I can get a connector through ShopBot, but it would seem like I could find it through some of my regular suppliers, if I could find its proper name once on the WAGO site.

Of course, there are really two connectors, but it's not entirely clear which one of the two should be called the 'male' connector in this case! The one I want has the outer hull and inside are two metal pins.

Any ideas?