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07-20-2007, 10:38 AM
I will host a ShopBot Camp on September 8, 2007.

Troy is located between Charlottesville and Richmond , Virginia and the shop is just 3 miles from Interstate I-64. There is a new Best Western located at the I-64 exit.

I will need to get an email from you if you plan to attend so food, handouts and seats will be available for you.

Directions and additional information will be sent via email to those who plan to be here.

For those who have GPS navigation, or use Map Quest, plug in 164 Edd Ridge Lane, Troy, Va and let it bring you right to the shops front door!

When you email to let me know you plan to be here, list any topics you would like to see covered while you are here.

I have a PRTalpha96 with 4HP HSD spindle and the PRS motor upgrade on X and Y axis.

Just across the highway there is a PRTalpha120 so you will be in ShopBot country while here.

I can also demo the 50W laser engraver while folks are here if anyone would like to see that as well.

More details to follow next week!
ed@mvww.org (mailto:ed@mvww.org)

07-22-2007, 10:51 PM
Ooooh ooooh I might be interested! I live in Ohio. My boss and I just finished some cabinet work, and now he's in Florida putting it all together. We were just talking about going to a jamboree to see how other people are using their SB since we are a rather uncreative bunch.

I will talk with him in the next few days to see what he thinks then get back to you if that's alright.

07-23-2007, 09:16 AM

I will be there and have some new sign stuff for you to consider, dye-sub inserts and some very cool door prizes to offer. I'm pretty sure Aaron Koehl will attend as well.

Call me, I may have a huge business opportunity for you

07-23-2007, 09:26 AM
I wouldn't miss it for the world!

07-24-2007, 03:50 PM
I am thinking of buying a ShopBot. Is this a good idea for me or would all the conversation be over my head at this time? I would like to come but I don't want to waste yours or my time.
Bill Moore
Cadiz KY

07-24-2007, 04:55 PM
It would be a great idea for you to come to the Camp and speak with people who are using the machine. There's always a wide range of skills, and applications, so I think you'll find it well worth your time. Almost every one of us started at the point you now find yourself in...

07-24-2007, 06:15 PM
Sounds great! When do you need a definite yes? That is a pretty good haul for me. I think I can swing it. I dought if I can drive it in a day even then thats 2 nights in hotels minimum. I posted on the looking for Shopbot owners to see if there is anyone close to me. Also is there a fee How does this all work.
Bill Moore

07-24-2007, 10:11 PM
contact ed at ed@mvww.org (mailto:ed@mvww.org) and he should be able to give you some preliminary details. There may be some things you might not "get" but you will gain more than not, and will make contacts and friends that will help you in the long run. If you do plan on coming you definitely need to contact him to make sure he has enough chairs and food. As for the "entertainment", i'm sure he will fill us in.

In the interum call shopbot and ask for their list of demonstrators. Those are guys who are willing to demo their units. If you buy a bot from shopbot they get a fee so don't feel like you are imposing. Actually I think most botters like to "show off" how smart and talented these machines make us look anyway.

07-25-2007, 07:52 PM

IF you do decide to drive here, there is a brand new Best Western just 3 miles from the shop. It should have opened last week. I will be checking with them week after next for rates etc... They are located at the intersection of I-64 and Route 15, which is Zion Crossroads. I will have the number and rates later to post here.

If there are things that you don't understand while you are here. Just stop us and ask. We are not going to leave you in the dust, wondering what we were talking about. We will do jack jarvis that way but not anyone else! :-)

07-28-2007, 08:04 AM
I will be away from the shop and Internet access starting July 29 and returning August 4, 2007. There will be folks here, just not me so you can still email or call, you just will not get me.

I will post more details when I return.


08-07-2007, 08:36 PM
Ed asked if I would post this for others:
I booked a Quality Inn in Waynesboro about a half hour away from Troy for the camp. $62.50 with AAA discount $5 more without. Everything I could find online closer was over $100. For those interested choicehotels.com or res #877-424-6423 hotel #540-942-1171

08-11-2007, 06:46 PM
ShopBot Camp update: The Shop will be open Friday, September 7, if anyone is coming to town early and would like to have a very informal get-together/discussion/setting-up chairs/moving equipment, etc. There will be time to run the machine if anyone would like to do so.

The schedule for Saturday, September 8, will be as relaxed and flexible as possible. There will be folks from ShopBot as well as Centurion Tools speaking and available for questions. Centurion Tools will have tooling with them and later in the day a field trip to their facility in the Louisa Industrial Air Park will give you an opportunity to see just how sophisticated the process to create a solid carbide cutter has become.

We will also have Keith Outten, the founder of Saw Mill Creek (www.sawmillcreek.org (http://www.sawmillcreek.org)), to share with you how to take a $3 can of spray paint and make several hundred dollars with it.

Lunch will be provided as long as you have emailed me so that I will have a headcount to work from.

For those new to a ShopBot Camp, there is no charge to attend or for food at the Camp.

There will be a Show and Tell table for any projects that you wish to share. I encourage you to tell the group a little about how you made it. Remember, we all can learn something from the smallest project and no one will force you to get up in front of a group and speak. So please bring pictures, either printed or digital, and/or one or more of your projects for us all to see. We will have a laptop and projector available.

Door prizes will be given away throughout the day, and yes, you have to be present to win!

One special note: this weekend happens to be a UVA vs Duke football game at UVA, so come out and cheer while the Cavaliers stomp the Blue Devils… sorry ShopBot.

Okay –here’s a list of some places to contact for lodging:

Best Western @ Zion Crossroads (3 mi from Shop) 540-832-1700
Comfort Inn – Monticello 434-977-3300
Courtyard by Marriott -Charlottesville North 434-973-7100
Days Inn –University 434-293-9111
Super 8 –Charlottesville 434-973-0888
Econolodge –University Arena 434-296-2104
Quality Inn –Charlottesville 434-971-3746
Red Carpet Inn –Charlottesville 434-973-8133
Holiday Inn 434-977-7700

If you happen to be arriving in a Motorhome or Camper, you are welcome to stay on our property, I just don’t have full hookup for you.

Feel free to call me at the Shop anytime at 434-296-3993


08-23-2007, 06:50 PM
I just did a quick count of names and it looks like 24 folks plus the folks from ShopBot and Centurion Tools will be here.

If you are going to be here, please email me and let me know so we can plan ahead and have enough of what we need.

We have a good mix of talent getting together. Some folks without machines to one who bought serial number 3 machine!

Bring a "show and tell" item or pictures of some of your work. Everyone loves to see and hear how you did what you did.

08-28-2007, 07:05 PM
I am still getting emails from folks asking if there is still room. Yes, we will make room for you even if I have to move equipment outside!

Please do email and let me know if you are going to be here so I can have a chair for you, some food and something to drink!

Also remember to bring pictures and "stuff" you have made so we all can see. If you do not have your ShopBot yet, bring ideas and let us all know what you want to do with yours.

08-28-2007, 07:24 PM
If there are any of you guys coming to the troy, va camp who are experienced with using a indexer if you have any files or information you could share with us less experienced users please bring it with you, as i am interested in that subject. Thanks

08-30-2007, 01:18 PM
We will start at 9:00 AM on Saturday.

At this time there are 34 folks that let me know they will be here.

Light breakfast and a BBQ lunch provided.

Of course there will be lots of ShopBot information!

IF you have not emailed me to let me know you will be here, please do so soon.

Travel safe and I will see you on September 8th!


09-04-2007, 03:48 PM
I have been looking forward to the show and tell items for a while now so be sure to bring something no matter how small or large! Printed pictures are welcomed as well as digital images. We will have a laptop and projector.

I look forward to seeing each of you in a few days!


09-08-2007, 09:23 PM
I wanted to take a moment to thank everyone who was at the camp today!!

Also, thank you to the ShopBot staff for being here to help, and answer questions.

I didn't take a single picture today. I hope some of you will forward pictures to me or post them somewhere so I as well as others can see them.

Thank all of you again! I am looking forward to next year already!

I think I'll go have some BBQ now!


09-08-2007, 09:40 PM

Thanks so much! I had a great time today, met a bunch of great people and learned a lot...my head's still spinning!

You did a wonderful job as host and speaker of all things shopbot. Once again, thank you and I look forward to bugging the heck out of you with questions come October.


09-09-2007, 05:38 AM
Ed -

I had a blast! I know it was a lot of work on your part and I wanted to say THANKS for taking your time to host us. I look forward to sharing my ideals with others.

Thanks again,

09-09-2007, 10:57 AM
I've posted a few pictures from Ed's camp on Flickr at http://www.flickr.com/photos/campshopbot . If anyone else has pictures please send them on and we'll get them posted for all to enjoy.

Many thanks to Jay for cooking the great barbecue for our lunch, the Centurion Tools guys for giving up their Saturday to educate us, and all the Camp attendees that shared so much. And of course to Ed, MeLisa, and Joe for being such wonderful hosts and working so hard to make it a great Camp.


09-09-2007, 02:28 PM
I'd also like to add my thanks to Ed and his family for being such gracious hosts yesterday ! There was a wide range of attendees, ranging from those who had never seen a Shopbot, to those that were well versed in it's abilities...As with most good Camps the REAL "action" went on between sessions when everyone had some time to just hang out and speak with the other "Campers".
The guys from Centurion Tools gave some good info on router bits.
Keith Outten did a nice job of describing the multiple uses of solid surface materials, as well as walking us through the complete die sublimation process.
Ed took us through the process of combining a laser machine,and a Shopbot to produce various products.
Doug Roughton brought in some signs he and John had built, and explained the technique of getting a patina finish with Luminore products.
And Jay did a great job in cooking up the Bar-B- Que lunch for everyone.
As in most Camps the host (Ed in this case) put a LOT of work into making the day a comfortable, and informative event, and from the response I heard all afternoon, it was greatly appreciated by everyone...
I'll try to download some of the pix I took and get them posted later tonight..