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01-02-2007, 04:39 PM
2007 West Coast Shopbot Jamboree !

As some of you may have heard, this year the Shopbot Jamboree will be moved from it’s “traditional” location of Durham, NC to San Mateo, Ca. ! And it will be tied in with the “Maker Faire” as well so all those attending will have plenty to do and see.
There are a number of reasons for this year’s venue, and Ted Hall has just posted them in the latest edition of his web site blog page.
The dates of the Jamboree are ;
May 17th and 18th (Thursday/Friday)
The Maker Faire will then run on Saturday and Sunday. It in itself could be worth the trip for a lot of people as they have a great assortment of ideas, and gadgets on display.
We’ll be adding details such as schedule of sessions, demo, training, etc. in the next few weeks. We’ll also have more info on the hotel packages which might be available for those attending.
Our reason for posting the dates now is that we know a lot of people build some time into their schedules for this event, and with the change in location we wanted to give you ample time for making your plans.
If you have specific questions, or comments you can post here, or catch us at the jamboree (mailto:jamboree@shopbottools.com) at shopbottools dot com mailbox. Keep an eye here for updates….

02-06-2007, 11:51 PM
It's been a month since Bill Palumbo's last post. Are we far enough along in the logistics planning that a host hotel in San Mateo has selected yet? If so, what is it? Looks like San Francisco International Airport (SFO) is nearest to the Jamboree? Really looking forward to the details so we can book flight and hotel a couple of months out.

02-07-2007, 08:15 AM
James, I am going out on Feb 23 to get some of the details ironed out and the hotel will be one of them. I am hoping to get group rates for us ...so as soon as I get back with details we will post them. I am flying into SFO on the advice of the Makers Faire group and the hotel I am looking at has shuttle service from the airport. I will also have more info what buildings we will be in, info on the Bart system, things for the family to do, etc. I will not be back until the 27th so please give me time to post.

02-07-2007, 08:16 AM
We are still hashing out some of the on site logistics, as it's the first time the people at the Maker Faire have had such a large expected turnout of vendors, etc.
There will be a planning meeting the day before the Winter garden Camp down in FL. next weekend, and we hope to have enough details sorted out to give you the info you are looking for. Stay tuned....

02-19-2007, 01:43 PM
Jamboree update !
We had a Jamboree meeting at the Florida Camp this past weekend, and here are a few things we've worked out;
The actual dates for the Jamboree are still the same-May 17th and 18th. And we will have our "traditional" registration/get together on Wednesday evening the 16th. As Martha has posted above we're still trying to lock in the "host" hotel , but we can't post that info until she gets back from California the beginning of next week.
Then the Maker Faire will follow, in the same location on Saturday/Sunday the 19th/20th.
For those of you who have attended previous Jamborees you'll understand that this one is going to take a little extra time/effort as we are essentially "long distance guests" this time instead of doing it all "in house" at Shopbot.
If you want to start making travel plans the San Francisco airport would be the closest to San Mateo, but if there is a significantly better deal going from where you are to Oakland, or San Jose they too are no more than 30 miles away.
SFO (SF airport) has MANY hotels/motels with a wide range of rooms/pricing. If you plan to rent a car anyway and you can't wait until next week to make your arrangements than just about ANY hotel in the bay area puts you within a reasonable distance to the San Mateo fairgrounds. However having said this, the SF Bay area DOES have a bit of traffic to contend with as well, so don't think you can stay TOO far away and not run the risk of being parked on Route #101 for awhile...
We are in the process of getting committments from some guest speakers, and will post those once we have locked in the time frames. But again as many prior attendees know, a Jamboree is NOT the kind of event where everything is "locked" into a specific time frame. On occasion we have lengthened some sessions, and shortened others. I think Bill Young's description of this as "an organic event" is very appropriate..
We're currently thinking that the guest speaker sessions will be on the Thursday, while Friday will have more software sessions as well as the "Show and Tell" extravaganza. PLEASE use the time between now/then to consider something you have made with your Shopbot, and take some pictures of it. Due to the large numbers of people we get at these events we'd ask that you condense your "Telling" part to a few minutes, and keep it focused on the part in question rather than an autobiography...
AND- we have a NEW "contest" we want to hold for this year's event. Info on that will follow in the next post...
If you have question/suggestions/info etc. regarding the Jamboree please use our dedicated e-mail address; jamboree@shopbottools.com (mailto:jamboree@shopbottools.com) and be SURE to watch this Forum in the next few weeks when we expect to be able to fill in some of the "gaps" regarding the schedule...Thanks!

02-19-2007, 02:43 PM
West Coast Jamboree "BOX" contest!
Last year we asked our attendees to "make some speakers" using a pair of "Soundpads" (http://www.flickr.com/photos/campshopbot/sets/72057594119444771/), and the results of that contest were SO well received by all that we are going to hold another contest at this year's event. Only this time it's going to be a little different.
As usual we wanted to keep the rules as minimal as possible, to allow as much "ingenuity/creativeness/freedom of expression" as possible, so here is the contest;
All entrants will use their Shopbot to make a box/container....
The above object will NOT be solid, as it must be able to contain something the size of a marble. This means there HAS to be at least one removeable "side or panel"
The entire box/container MUST fit inside a 16" cube,( or in other words, NO "side" can be larger than 16")
The entire project must be created with your Shopbot
Winning entries (and we are still working on "categories" for these prizes) will be used by Shopbot for display AT the Maker Faire and possibly other future events, so be SURE to KEEP your cut files in case you DO win and you want another "box" for yourself...
As in the above post you can contact us at the jamboree@shopbottools.com (mailto:jamboree@shopbottools.com) e-mail address for further info ( but I doubt we'll have much more to tell you), OR post your questions here and we'll try to sort things out.
This gives everyone 3MONTHS to come up with something , and we're looking forward to see what you can create...!

02-27-2007, 11:59 AM
Martha just got back from a trip to the West Coast to scout out the site for the Jamboree and make arrangements, and while she was out there she went to the Maker Faire Auditions at TechShop (http://techshop.ws/) and took a bunch of pictures.

This is NOT where the Jamboree will be but it's a neat shop/business that we thought y'all might be interested so we posted the pictures on the Campshopbot Flickr page.



03-06-2007, 11:24 PM
Jamboree Schedule !!!!

OK here is the first draft of our 2007 West Coast Shopbot Jamboree.(As with ALL prior Jamborees the dates are solid but the individual event time frames may vary a bit between now and then...)
Wednesday May 16th-9-5 San Mateo Fairgrounds, (Cypress room)Level 1 & 2 training. This is a slightly condensed version of the two day training which normally is offered at Shopbot for $300. At the Jamboree there will be NO charge.You MUST call Shopbot and register in advance for this session.
Wednesday May 16th - 6-8 PM Registration check in ,social hours at the Crown Plaza Hotel.
Thursday May 17th - 9AM- 5PM Jamboree sessions at the San Mateo Fairgrounds (maps will follow in the next week or two)
Friday May 17th AM- Jamboree sessions again at the San Mateo Fairgrounds from 9-Noon
Friday May 17th-SM Fairgrounds 9-5 Women's Shopbot class- Taught by Sallye Coyle. You MUST contact Shopbot and register in advance for this training ! (More details will follow in the next few weeks)
Friday May 17th 1-5PM Crown Plaza hotel -Software sessions with a variety of major software companies. (Again more details will follow in the next few weeks...).
You MUST call Shopbot to register for the Jamboree
When you do call please have your T shirt size in mind as all registrants will be receiving one.
The "host hotel"for the Jamboree will be the Crown Plaza in Foster City. Here is a link to register at the hotel directly (http://www.ichotelsgroup.com/h/d/cp/1/en/advancedsearch?whichtype=room&roomResult=none&hote lCode=sfofc&quickRes=city&_GPC=SHO&checkInDate=15& checkOutMonthYear=042007&checkInMonthYear=042007&c heckOutDate=20&_requestid=64807)
The San Mateo fairgrounds are less than 10 miles from the San Francisco airport so there are MANY other options for places to stay if you have a preference for other hotel chains as well.We will be posting more information regarding transportation options from the Crown Plaza to the Fairgrounds in the next few weeks, but we wanted to get this basic framework of a schedule on the forum so people can make travel plans early enough to get deals.
Now following the Jamboree on May 18/19 we will stay in the same place and become part of the Maker Faire:http://eventful.com/events/E0-001-001342022-1
This is going to be a VERY remarkable event, and if you CAN please plan to stay an extra day (or two) because you'll see things here which will amaze you.
I am in the SF Bay area at the moment and had a tour of the facilities yesterday. Rumor is that our location will be adjacent to the famed "power Tool races":http://www.makezine.com/blog/archive/2006/05/power_tool_drag_races_live_cov.html
And this is only one of hundreds of similar events.
Please call early to register, and be sure to start planning your entry in the "box making contest"as well...

03-07-2007, 07:43 AM
One change to the schedule Bill posted:
May 16th-9-5 Crowne Plaze Hotel instead of the fiargrounds - Level 1 & 2 training. This is a slightly condensed version of the two day training which normally is offered at Shopbot for $300. At the Jamboree there will be NO charge.You MUST call Shopbot and register in advance for this session.

03-09-2007, 10:37 AM
And a general note;as in previous years Admission to the Jamboree is $35 (advance registration required).
For that you get;
The social hour(s) gathering Wednesday evening
2 Continental breakfasts
2 Lunches
A T- Shirt
And all of the presentations (including Free training if you choose to register/attend on Wednesday).
PLUS the first 40 people who register for the Jamboree will also get FREE admission to the Maker Faire as well!
Keep checking this thread, as well as the Maker Faire web site for updates...

03-09-2007, 01:35 PM
The one piece of information that's missing above is HOW to register. Just give ShopBot a call on their toll-free number 1-888-680-4466 and they'll get you signed up.

One change this year is that they'll ask you your t-shirt size when you register so we'll have a better idea of how many to order of each size. I hate to make generalities about ShopBotters but we always end up buying too many Small shirts and running out of XXL's


03-09-2007, 11:57 PM

Are you saying ShopBotters are _FAT_?


03-10-2007, 04:23 PM

I find that doing CAD work goes better with Oreo Cookies...... So, yes, I would qualify for your statement.

03-12-2007, 09:09 AM
Bill is not trying to say we are fat, just overly smart

03-12-2007, 10:39 AM
Thanks James!

After that big birthday dinner yesterday I am feeling overly smart today :-)

03-13-2007, 05:13 PM
Box Contest Update !!!

We just had a good question regarding the box contest. Jim Frost wrote in;

"I am thinking through various box ideas, and want to be sure I create something within the rules.
Are minor secondary operations allowed using tools other than the Bot? Can I, for example, create a wooden hinge for my box on the SB and use a drill to create an opening for the hinge pin? With the right fixtures I could do this entirely on the SB, but some jobs are easier using conventional tools.
Jim Frost"
After consulting our panel of experts (......) we came up with the following criteria;
The overall goal here is to USE THE SHOPBOT in making the box. If for some reason you NEED to use another tool then that portion of the box will be exempt from consideration in the overall judging.
So if hinges were going to be a major design element in your entry, you'd want to do them on the 'Bot.....
By the same reasoning if you go out and buy a pretty little jewelry box, and then carve your dog's face on it, you might not get a lot of points either.....
As with last year it's the thinking which leads up to the execution of your project that will probably impress the judges, and general population the most.
Here are the "categories" we now see ourselves following to award our prizes;
Best overall design
Most unique application of the Shopbot
Best design/fit for making the "opening panel"
Strongest box
Box most likely to be copied after the Jamboree
We've already heard of a few people who are doing prototypes for their entries, so if you plan to enter, you better start designing/cutting soon !

03-14-2007, 04:22 PM
A quick note; "registration"is only for the Jamboree, and while you don't have to register for the box contest you might just drop us a note at : jamboree@shopbottools.com (mailto:jamboree@shopbottools.com) if you intend to bring an entry with you. This will let us know how much time/space we need to allow for the contest...Thanks!

03-15-2007, 09:40 AM
I have a queston about VCarvePro and if they will be at the Jamboree. I was at the Jamboree last year before I purchased my shopbot and if I remember corectly there was a special price on the Vcarve software if purchased at the show. I was looking forward to attending the Jamboree this year and hoped to take avantage on the promotion but will not be able to attend since they have moved it to the west coast. My question is will they be there and would I be able to take avantage of a promotion if I am unable to attend. Thanks

03-15-2007, 11:42 AM
Yes, both Brian Moran, and Tony McKenzie of Vectric will be at the Jamboree this year.
Based on requests from prior Jamborees we are having a "software afternoon" on Friday May 18th where we hope to have representatives from 6-8 different software companies available to handle demos and questions. To date we have lined up Vectric ( V Carve Pro, Photo V carve, Cut 3D), Delcam ( Artcam Pro, Insignia, Part Wizard) and MecSoft ( RhinoCam, RhinoArt). We'll post the others once they are confirmed.
Rather than our previous format of scheduled presentations the idea would be to have separate areas for each company so that any interested Shopbotters could stop by and see/hear about each of the various packages offered. We're hoping that this more flexible format will allow people to get a better feel for those packages they may only have read or heard about. (Of course it would also make a lot of sense for each attendee to do some "homework" in advance of the Jamboree as well so they KNOW which packages may be best suited for their specific interests....).
Regarding the "packages" available there will also be a different format.Due to some surprisingly complex regulations regarding "commerce" at trade shows in California these sessions will be "information only". This means that there will be no actual sales taking place during the Jamboree. However you will still be able to get referrals to distributors, pick up brochures and printed matter, and exchange addresses/phone numbers to follow up after the Jamboree with the actual purchase of any software that interests you.
You will have to contact each company individually regarding whether or not they will be having any sort of "Jamboree special pricing" for their products...

03-23-2007, 09:43 AM
Hotel "link"above...
We've had a few calls in the last day or so to report that the link to reserve a room at the Crowne Plaza is giving erroneous information. If you try to reserve a room it currently tells you that "there is no availability" for the Jamboree dates. We know that this is not true, but the people who are handling this for us at the hotel are out of town until Monday so we can't make any corrections until then.
We are sure that rooms will still be available, so please check back at the above link after next Monday.
And while you are reserving your room don't forget to register for the Jamboree! You'll have it all out of the way early, and if you do this soon enough you'll get the added bonus of free admission to the Maker Faire as well !

03-28-2007, 01:35 PM
In spite of our best efforts the above link for the hotel has not been fixed yet. We have contacted the hotel directly, and they assure us that there are still plenty of rooms available, but their "web page person" is still out of town, and they have no way to fix the errant link...We'll keep you posted.( We've just heard that if you call the hotel directly you will be able to reserve a room. Be SURE to let them know that you are part of the Jamboree, and ask for the Shopbot rate...)
In other Jamboree news we are trying to line up a few more "vendors" of products for Shopbotters and have them available for you on Thursday the 17th. We'll be listing the names of those companies in the next week or two as we receive confirmation from them.

03-28-2007, 02:13 PM
What machines will Shopbot have at the Jamboree and will they be operational?

03-28-2007, 02:51 PM
The current plan is to bring three machines.
(1) 5'by 8'PRS "Alpha"
(1) 4'by 8'PRS "Standard"
(1) Benchtop tool
We DO plan to not only have them "operational" but actually cutting out projects, and parts, both during the Jamboree, and the Maker Faire. So for anyone wanting to see one of the new models in action this will be a great opportunity...

03-28-2007, 11:40 PM
Hey everyone! We're local to the Jamboree, and gonna be helping out too. If anyone out there has any questions about places to go, things to see, and other tourist such things to do while you are out here feel free to e-mail me at jeffrey@becausewecan.org (mailto:jeffrey@becausewecan.org) for tips and info. I've lived here in the bay area for over ten years now, and can at least tell you a few places to go...

04-11-2007, 01:50 PM
We've had a few more people contact us to let us know that they are going to enter the "box making contest". Just a reminder, be sure to call Shopbot and register for the Jamboree ASAP so you can also get the free admission to the Maker Faire as well.
If some of you have not designed your "contest box" yet here is a product which we'll have on display at the Jamboree which might be useful;
"Spectratech Color MDF" , it's a colored MDF product, and one of their tech/sales staff will be at the Jamboree with samples to explain how it's best used. In the interim you can also go to their web page at; www.spectratechmdf.com (http://www.spectratechmdf.com) for more info...

04-12-2007, 04:24 PM
If you have not yet booked your flight to San Francisco/Bay Area you'll want to do so ,pronto. I just checked the other events going on that weekend and realized that the (in)famous "Bay to Breakers" race (http://www.kgoam810.com/Article.asp?id=344236)will be held on Sunday May 20th. This is a huge event (70,000 people last year....)where people dress up as just about anything they want to be,(or they don't dress at all - http://www.baretobreakers.com/ )
This means that flights in/out of SF will likely be tough to get if you wait too long...

04-16-2007, 01:19 PM
Does anyone have a clue to what the Women's Shopbot class is all about. I know Bill said details will be coming in a few weeks but I'm making reservations now and I'd like to know if my wife would be interested. If so, I'll have to make arrangements for her.


04-16-2007, 09:58 PM
Sallye Coyle will be running the class again. Your best bet to get all the info would be to contact her directly. You can reach her at- sallye_at_shopbottools_dot_com (mailto:sallye@shopbottools.com)

04-17-2007, 11:46 AM
If you are seriously considering the purchase of a new PRS model Shopbot , and you are coming to the Jamboree,you might want to call Shopbot and purchase the 5'by 8'unit we will have on display for the Jamboree ! By doing so you will save considerable dollars because the shipping will have already been paid for, and the machine will have been fully assembled, and tested by Shopbot's staff ! You'll just have to work out arrangements with Shopbot to move the machine from San Mateo to your shop after the Maker Faire ends on Sunday the 20th !
The 4'by 8'unit has already been sold, and we will also have a benchtop unit there (not quite sure of it's current status)as well.
If you are seriously interested call Shopbot (soon) and see what you can work out...

04-19-2007, 11:13 AM
The Crowne Plaza Hotel has run out of rooms, so if you want to stay close to the Jamboree here are some options for you to choose from.
Due to the reasons mentioned above it would be a very good idea to lock in travel plans quickly...
There are also another 30 + Hotels, and Motels within 5 miles, all located at the San Francisco Airport (which combined with a cab would be another solution....).

Brady Watson
04-19-2007, 12:11 PM
Thanks Bill!

I just reserved a room @ the Super 8. Suprisingly it was only $406 for 6 nights & about 3 miles from the Fairgrounds...for those that want some extra cash left over for seeing the sights and fine dining, this might be a good choice for you. It sure beats $189-239 a night most other places. I still have to nail down how to get from the hotel to the fairgrounds, but I think that a taxi might be the best way.

Places ARE filling up...so take heed and don't wait 'til the last minute!


04-19-2007, 01:21 PM
Here's ONE option, take the train......

04-24-2007, 01:37 AM
Whats with the box? I want to make something but I hate these kinda things lol. I feel like Im supposed to make some kinda crazy chinese puzzlebox with inlays inlaid in inlays =P

Can it be smaller than 16"? thats a big bomb sized box to get on the plane!! 100's of people getting on planes all heading for SF with 16" boxes?


Im never any good at these things will someone explain to me what I should create?


04-24-2007, 09:32 AM
"The entire box/container MUST fit inside a 16" cube,( or in other words, NO "side" can be larger than 16")" So we've limited the maximum size of the box, but not the minimum dimensions...(except that it should probably be larger than a marble...)
While we probably COULD tell everyone exactly what to carve, it just wouldn't be the same.......
Creativity is part of what we're going to judge people on.....
And remember; you have to be AT the Jamboree in order to enter. I've heard from a few people who are building boxes, but haven't called in to register for the event(s) yet....

04-27-2007, 01:48 PM
Jamboree attendees,

We've had some email issues and think we may have missed a couple of form submissions from people signing up for the Jamboree directory. If you've submitted the web form but don't see yourself on the map, we apologize and please re-submit it.

We've also had a couple of emails bounce back, so if you've registered for the Jamboree but haven't received an email about signing up for the directory, please send us an email at jamboree (at) shopbottools (dot) com and we'll make sure you get the info.


Brady Watson
04-27-2007, 05:06 PM
Can you provide links for the Jamboree form & map of participants? I can't seem to find either.


04-27-2007, 05:19 PM
Hey Brady,

The info about signing up for the directory gets sent out when you register for the Jamboree...you must have forgotten to register

I'll make sure you get added to the list and get the info on the directory.


05-04-2007, 09:43 AM
Women's Class info !!!
There is a new link on the Shopbot web page which will explain more about this year's Jamboree Women's class. Please be sure to call in and register for this one as we need to have all of the materials ready...
Less than two weeks to go before the Jamboree, so if you haven't called in to register, NOW is a good time..!

05-10-2007, 09:47 AM
A week to go !
We're finally starting to hear from a few people about their entries in the "Box contest", but I KNOW that a few more of you are still lurking out there with half finished little enclosures lying around...(yeah YOU Brady Watson !....)
If you have not YET registered for the Jamboree(via Shopbot), OR the box contest(jamboree@shopbottools.com (mailto:jamboree@shopbottools.com))please contact us quickly. This way you can get your picture on the cool Jamboree map which we're compiling...
I head West tomorrow AM to do an advance scouting mission. Looking forward to seeing many of you in San Mateo next week...!

05-10-2007, 12:10 PM
I didn’t see anything too specific in the posts her so I’ll ask; has a specific schedule/agenda been published for next weeks Jamboree? You know, times, places and things.

If so where is it? If not, will there be one?


05-10-2007, 12:39 PM

As in most years we usually don't post a "specific" agenda because many of our speakers/presenters are also working Shopbotters, and the nuances of small business/life in general sometimes means we know who will be speaking, but not when. There are also a few other people on hand who may make a presentation if time allows.I also can't promise that there won't be a change (or two) between now and then either.....
The following will give you a brief rundown of some of the sessions we will be presenting, and a few updates on their actual locations. When people call Shopbot to register for the Jamboree, they get the registration info, etc.
Rough Jamboree schedule

Wednesday May 16th-

9AM-5PM Balboa Room of Crowne Plaza.

“Basic Shopbot CNC Training”- Sallye Coyle

(You MUST CALL Shopbot to register for this class !!!)

6-8 PM – Welcome/registration/social hour (Crowne Plaza- Balboa/Columbus rooms).

Thursday May 17th- Cypress Room- Fairgrounds

Ted’s welcome
Tom Anderson “Using the Indexer to make submarines”
Jeffrey Mcgrew/Jillian Northrup- "Because We Can"
John Hansen (Onsrud) – “Choosing and using the proper tooling”
“PRS Showcase”- Brian McKenzie (Sequoia Room)

12-1 Lunch –Cypress/Sequoia Rooms-Fairgrounds
(“Show and Tell”might fall in this time frame as well since we’ll have two buildings…But we won't know until the Jamboree how many pieces we'll have on display...)

Jerry/Jason Chapman- “Customizing a Shopbot”

Rob Bell – “Using Sketchup software”

Arthur Cronos- “Building musical instruments, and jigs for them"

Brady Watson/Bill Palumbo – Vacuum ”hold downs”

Friday May 17th-Sequoia Room – Fairgrounds

9AM-5PM- “Womens Class”- Sallye Coyle

Friday May 17th- Cypress Room- Fairgrounds

Dave Minella and David McNutt- “Marketing”

Phil Mulligan- “Turning without an Indexer”

Gabriel McKeagney- “High end 3D carving”

Ted/Chris- “Ten Top Tips for the Shopbotter”(OR a “Forum” if people want it…)

12-1 PM
Lunch- Crowne Plaza (Marco Polo Room)

(Announcement of “Box contest”winners..)

Crowne Plaza ( Drake Room)

1-5PM “Software sessions”

(confirmed to date...)

Vectric- V Carve Pro,Cut 3D,PhotoVcarve

Delcam-Part Wizard,Insignia,Artcam Pro

MecSoft- VisualMill, RhinoCam, RhinoArt,etc.


Brady Watson
05-11-2007, 12:34 AM
Yes...Guilty as charged. I'm one that registered for the box contest, but not the Jamboree.

So...If you see a guy walking around at the Jamboree without his head screwed on, it's me

I hope all of you are going to bring your box for the contest. These contests are always a lot of fun and interesting to see so many variations of the original concept.

See you there!


05-11-2007, 01:00 AM
I wish i had known what the agenda was, I didn't want to travel cross country, but this would have been the perfect opportunity to gather pictures/video for tutorials from some of these experts. Years ago we had to go to printing machine conferences and tape all the various demonstrations and talks to bring back and edit into one tape. I hope someone takes some pictures to post and see. Maybe some of these speakers like Tom Anderson might share some of that info here after the jamboree.

05-14-2007, 03:55 PM
Here's a map of the route from the Crowne Plaza Foster City to the Jamboree site (sorry for the long link!)

http://maps.google.com/maps/ms?ie=UTF8&hl=en&t=h&om=1&msa=0&msid=1082605797224 41010351.000001128bf924cbffd6f&ll=37.554989,-122.281737&spn=0.032525,0.080338&z=14 (http://maps.google.com/maps/ms?ie=UTF8&hl=en&t=h&om=1&msa=0&msid=1082605797224 41010351.000001128bf924cbffd6f&ll=37.554989%2C-122.281737&spn=0.032525%2C0.080338&z=14)

05-14-2007, 07:36 PM
If you have Google Earth installed here's a Google Earth .kml file of the same map. If it downloads as a .unk file just rename it "jam2007.kml", then click it and it will show up in the sidebar in Google Earth.
Jamboree 2007 Google Earth file

3565 (0.3 k)

05-15-2007, 01:27 AM
A short note to advise Jamboree attendees. We have set up a dedicated Shopbotters email for any questions you might have after the show regarding V-Clamp vacuum hold downs.
shopbotinfo@vac-clamp.com (mailto:shopbotinfo@vac-clamp.com) or the website www.vac-clamp.com (http://www.vac-clamp.com)

05-15-2007, 01:47 PM
Scheduling changes; the Friday afternoon "software sessions" will now be held in the Marco Polo room.
Also to insure that we get started on time for Wednesday's training class, PLEASE make plans to get to the Crowne Plaza between 8-9 AM as we'll have a coffee/donut kind of breakfast setup and we'll need the full day to cover all of the material.
Again, if you have not yet called Shopbot to REGISTER (either for the Jamboree or the Training class) you MUST do so ASAP ! Otherwise we may not have a T-shirt or goodies for you...
And on site pickup of your registration packets will be starting at 6PM (in the Marco Polo room,as part of the welcome reception...).

05-17-2007, 08:59 PM
Im at Crown Plaza.. got in late did I miss all of today? Is there a calendar of events somewhere?

05-17-2007, 11:40 PM
Be at the Fairgrounds tomorrow morning between 8-9 AM for a coffee/donut session followed by presentations until Noon. We'll then be going back to the Crowne Plaza for lunch and afternoon software sessions...

05-18-2007, 06:40 PM
I just got back from the Jamboree. A tight schedule only gave me three hours free at the Jamboree, but it was worth the effort to drive 1,675 miles round trip to be there.

First, congratulations to Ted Hall and all those who work for and with him. He is a master teacher. I was lucky enough to spend some time with him as he pointed out features of the new Shopbot. During that time, I was amazed how he was able to answer dozens of questions that had been posted on the Forum just by giving a guided tour of the new machines. An example of how Ted handled an obvious blooper on my part was how 'gentlemanly' he pointed out that my Alpha had 8-output lines and 8-input lines. For some reason, I've always believed that my Alpha only had four I/O channels available. The documentation clearly shows that there are 8-I/O devices. And as Ted pointed out, the SB3 screen shows the status of all of those I/O lines. That fact had totally escaped me since 2004 when I bought the Alpha. In fact, every time someone wrote how easy it would be to multiplex the I/O lines to do incredibly complex things, I just scratched my head and wondered how anyone could consider multiplexing two lines plus a strobe line an advantage over just using the three available lines singlely. Well, long story short, Ted cleared up my misconception without making me feel foolish. When Ted talked in general terms about some of the things that are in the development stage, I realized that he answered all of my unasked questions. As I've already said, Ted is a master teacher.

Not to single out each person who is affiliated with Shopbot, because I didn't find a single 'bummer' among them, but watching Bill Young repeadedly cut parts showed a master at work. He used the PRS-Alpha machine, but everything else that he used would be the same things that most of us have in our shops. He used a Fein vacuum attached to a shopmade vacuum box to securely hold a piece of 1/2-inch thick plywood that he was cutting. The vacuum box used gasketing tape and a vacuum mask to hold the plywood. The SBP file had been optimized to minimize wear and tear on the cutter while at the same time the file contained code to reduce the file cut time without being so aggressive that the parts moved. Although most of us have cut similar parts using similar methods, it was worth the trip to see a master at work. Bill knows his trade. He knew which cutter to use and how fast to spin that cutter. He knew how fast to move each axis. He knew how to ramp into the cuts and how to leave a skin on some parts so that the parts wouldn't be pushed around - then he knew how to cut through that skin so that all of the parts could simply be lifted off the vacuum as soon as the Fein was turned off. (I realized that I could about double my production while reducing my hand routing to zero if I used his methods.)

The main purpose of driving all of those miles was to get a close look at the PRS machines. All that I can say is that I have absolutely no reservations about recommending the PRS to anyone. When the time comes to expand or to replace my Alpha, I'll be buying a PRS. The cut quality on the plywood that Bill Young was working on was perfect. There were no flaws - meaning no chatter and no tooling marks. I've never seen a better finish, even on the Big Iron Machines that I've seen at the large industrial woodworking shows.

Next time I think I'll fly - especially if I have to start a new blood pressure prescription on the morning that I leave Salt Lake - as I did this trip. Walking around as if in a trance was not the best way to spend three important hours, but it was all worth it!

05-18-2007, 10:54 PM
Heya Bill.... Do you have a direct email address for the vectric guys that were at the Jamboree?

I bought a copy of CUT3d but the register information does not work and I had planned on using this evening to play with the software a bit before heading back to Orange County

05-19-2007, 10:55 PM
You can email them at support@vectric.com (mailto:support@vectric.com). They are very good and quick about getting back to you.

Andy B.

05-21-2007, 05:26 PM
Hey all! that was a blast wasn't it! I'd like to thank everyone for all the good tips I picked up - including which direction my room was :-) - great time, thanks all at Shopbot, Delcam, Grant, Brady & those 3 fine Englishmen.

05-21-2007, 10:18 PM
Anybody got any pictures or video to post for all to share????

05-21-2007, 11:38 PM
I had a great time and enjoyed giving a presintation.
It was nice to meet the people at ShopBot and put faces to names.
Actually I had a blast and learned a lot.


05-22-2007, 12:12 AM
Everyone is still in transit, so pix won't be posted until we all get back home and have a chance to edit all of the shots we took...

05-22-2007, 01:26 AM
I would like to thank Ted and his great staff for providing a great learning experience.

The training, sessions, and presentations had great value. The information learned from the other users is, as MASTERCARD says, "Priceless".



05-23-2007, 09:27 AM
The ShopBot video camera is still in the show crate, which is expected to arrive late this week or early next week. Once we get unpacked, I'll be spending a few days editing footage from the Jamboree and Maker Faire and putting it into an easily understandable format and sequence. When I'm finished, I'll be sure to post a link to the video. Man, you don't know what you missed!

05-23-2007, 11:43 AM
Dave, that sounds terrific. I just hope web videos will be of sufficient length and quality so that those of us who couldn't attend can actually share some of the great lessons, rather than it being just some snippets, effectively being proof of just how much we missed.

No chance of a DVD box?

05-23-2007, 01:12 PM
Unfortunately, that's exactly what the video will be - a recap of what went on during the Jamboree and Maker Faire. With so much happening at the event, and with our limited resources of personnel and equipment, it would have been impossible to capture everything that went on. Plus, a complete moment-by-moment video would take away from much of the excitement of attending a Jamboree in person. However, I'm sure if you contact any of the presenters (myself included), they would be more than willing to provide you with the information they shared with the 'Botters who made it out to the west coast.

05-24-2007, 07:33 PM
Dave has just posted a link to the first batch of Jamboree/Maker Faire pictures. It's on the Jamboree page of Shopbot's web site;

05-27-2007, 11:05 AM
Good to see the pics.


I'm sure it will still be highly interesting, and I'm frankly thankful for anything I can get my hands on.

One thing I did notice in the link Bill P posted, in the pics of a lesson/presentation in progress, a camcorder is clearly visible. Do you have start-to-end footage of some of the lessons/presentations?

If so, what do you plan to do with it?

06-01-2007, 09:08 AM
Hey, everyone.
Check out the Jamboree page for a chance to win a 2007 ShopBot Jamboree T-Shirt.

06-04-2007, 05:07 PM
Hey Dave, did you get my (winning?) entry email on friday?

06-04-2007, 06:15 PM
Hey John,

Dave's out of the office this week...I'm sure he'll get the results posted when he gets back.