View Full Version : Pause in router power after pressing green start button!

02-07-2006, 10:54 PM
I am having a problem with trying to get the router to actually start. SO,1,1 is their and power on and normally it starts just fine, but at times it will take the router 5-60 seconds to actually start running. The controll box is not sending power to it when the green button is pushed (at Times). Today I had to restart the SB3 software to make it run. I dont really think that was the answer but it was a good try. The problem acts like it gets worse after the controll box has been on for a long time.

02-08-2006, 12:08 AM
Do you hear the relays pull in when you push the start button? If you hear them pull in right away and then the router starts after a delay I would start looking at the wire and connections (relay contacts) from the relays to the router. Also the switch and brushes in the router.

If you push the button and and there is a delay in relays pulling in and you hear them pull in and the router starts at once, I would look at the wires and connections (coil) between the relays and the control board.

The problem could also be with the relay driver on the control board or low voltage to the relay control circut. I am not sure what that voltage should be. Looking at the wiring diagram that I have I would have to say 5 or 24 volts and more likly the latter.

I for one find the documentation that came with the control box to be very short on detail. After all the end user of a ShopBot IS the service man most of the time.

This may all be things you have already considered. If not hope it helps.

02-08-2006, 08:35 AM
Ted, Yes you hear the click when you push the green button but it does not click hard and loud like it did when it starts right away. And at times you can push the green button and not hear the click at all. So I am under the impression that the relays are not pulling in all of the way or not at all.

02-08-2006, 12:01 PM
I don't know if it is relevant or not, but recently I have had problems with a relay starting my PC890 router because it had softstart/variable speed. I didn't have a delay problem, it just wouldn't start it at all. It only worked about 80% of the time. Same setup starts my PC690 (no softstart/vs) every time. I still have no solution to the problem.

This isn't on my ShopBot, by the way, it is on my smaller CNC.


02-08-2006, 04:56 PM
Randall, Been busy and did not get back in here till now. Did you get things resolved? Check to see if you are getting full voltage applied to the router when you hear the relay pull in. If not follow things back from the router through the relay contact to line. You need to know what you are doing with a voltmeter and live wires and if you are not play it safe and find someone that does. Better safe than sorry. Give ShobBot a call they are always ready to help and know your individual machine.

02-09-2006, 12:51 AM
Ted, I talked with shopbot today and they helped me a (dummy with electrical stuff)go through the system and we were waiting on the guru in back to talk to Grant. And then low and behold it happened again, as per Grants instruction I checked a couple of things while it would not work and found that the contacts that start the router were clicking but the top one of the 2 was not pulling in. With a gentel nudge with a plastic scredriver handle it jumped right in their and the router started to humm like normal. So I called Grant back and he is sending me a new one. Free of course it was under warranty thank the Lord. You know I dont know how people made it with out a shopbot Tech support crew and all of the good help from the forum. Thanks all for the help I only hope to one day to be able to help you all with a problem you have (Hopefully not a problem with your Bot). A note to all of you out there I was very impressed with all of the Help from All.
A quick note about alittle different subject I love the .19 upgrade it settled many of the gitters that my machine did doing 3D carving of small letters (which I do alot of 1in. and smaller).
Thanks again to all!