View Full Version : BobCAD CAM V32 Now Available

10-14-2019, 03:22 PM
We've just released the New V32 and it's loaded with features that will make programming your shopbot faster and easier than before.

To learn about all the new features use this link : https://bobcad.com/products/whats-new-in-bobcad-cam-version-32/?source=shopbot_FORUM

IMO the Top New Features for Shopbot programmers are:

Document Templates
Take existing projects and save them as a document template. Allowing users to customize their jump off point for future projects.
Huge time saver for projects with similar workflow.

Job Tree Templates
Save your CAM Tree and it's machining features as a Job Tree Template. Allowing users to default tools, and machining features for future project. Great for shops that program similar parts with standard machining features.

Default Parameter Templates
Customize your toolpath wizard defaults. Prior to V32 you couldn't edit the toolpath wizard defaults. Now you can, making it faster to program jobs by defaulting common settings your shops uses.

User Defined Machining Templates
Save and load machining features as the wizard level. Prior to V32 users didn't have a way to save machining features while in the toolpath wizard. We've simplified this process and everything is done in the wizard making it easier to save and load custom machining features.

There are many new features but IMO these are the ones that will have the biggest impact on shop bot programming. Download a copy of V32 today and see for yourself.