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07-03-2001, 07:39 PM
I created some files and noticed while they were running that the Z depth was being displayed incorrectly. The file was written so that the Z axis was to go to -.003 but the depth displayed in the Shopbot software (newest version for the PRT) was -0.002. This was the depth I had previously run some files at, and then changed them to -.003

I have double checked the files to make sure it's calling for -.003 and it is. So the software is not displaying the depth properly.

Is there some setting I can change or edit which will allow it to display to a finer degree - i.e. to more decimal places? Is the Shopbot software capable of recognizing a difference of .001 ?

I've also noticed that when I Z zero using the S_ZZero file, it's supposed to move the Z axis to .50 but frequently or maybe all the time it reads .499

I haven't needed this degree of accuracy until last night when I was engraving some laminated door fronts and only wanted to cut into the laminate and not the wood it was glued to.

NOTE: I'm not talking about Vector - I'm talking about the Shopbot operating software.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

07-03-2001, 10:44 PM

According to ShopBot's website, they claim a step resolution of .002 and a repeatability of .005.
So, you are asking it to go where it cannot.

As for the .499 versus the .50, that is most likely a rounding situation. Because of the fractional resolution of the step increment, .500 cannot be reached EXACTLY, but it might be going to .499999998. Since the computer is a "precise" caculator, it displays .499 when for all intents and purposes it really is at .500.

Hope this helps.

Bruce Clark
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