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08-03-1999, 06:50 PM
Wow, what a summer it has been so far!! This has been one of the first times I have been available to answer e-mails. There has been a bunch of questions pertaining to the location of the Visual Font Creator for Autocad R.14 and the XSHP program. These programs can be found at http://www.cadsyst.com/fonts.html
For those of you who don't remember what these programs do, I will paste the information here.

Visual Font Creator will greatly simplify the creation of new fonts and the editing of existing fonts. You trace over a character template within AutoCad by simply picking points, and Visual Font Creator will write the shape definition for you! Save yourself hours of frustration.

Explodes AutoCAD text or shape entities into polylines
Shape descriptions are read from ASCII .shp files
Xshp will explode any text or shape entity except ones using a Big Font
Xshp supports widths, oblique angles, thicknesses
under/over scores and other special characters.

Again, thanks to all, hope that you are having a productive and error free shopbot summer!! Back to work!!

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