View Full Version : Where to get strut

09-15-1999, 09:21 PM
I was trying to find so strut the same size as the shopbot 1-5/8" square. Called all the local electrical supply houses with no luck. The one guy suggested calling a couple plumbing supply places - BINGO - all the strut you want - 20' lengths - cheaper than the 1-1/2" stuff the electrical places had. Just got ot know where to look!


09-17-1999, 04:24 PM
If your'e lucky enough to live near a Fastenal Co. they have or can get all the unistrut parts that are made.
They are in the Tom Cats ! Strut, nuts, bolts, brackets of all kinds ...

I used to the stuff to make a solid platform for a small shear.

Not having a serious cutoff saw I used a fibre cutoff blade in my skill saw. Be sure to prepare for serious sparking and resultant fire. Like ... be sure to sweep up first ! I contained my sparks with some thin sheet metal.