Pete Bac
09-21-1999, 07:08 PM
I use Autocad 14 for developing my shopbot files, and was having a hard time trying to cut out text. I would have to trace all my text using polylines. I recently found a pretty cool way to break down any Autocad fonts into single lines in a matter of minutes. If anyone else could use this method just reply to this posting and I'll post the steps involved.

09-22-1999, 11:49 PM
I'd love to hear, either on the forum or by email. Thanks, Ken

09-23-1999, 07:25 AM
I also would like to hear either on the forum or
by email.
Thanks, Bob

09-23-1999, 09:03 AM
My Autocad buddy advises me that you can ...

1. Print the text to file in DXB mode
then reopen that file using dxbin.

OR ...

2. if you have it, go to express, text, explode

it'll depend on which version you have

In MicroStation , which I use ...
I can simply use a command called "Drop".
It drops multilines, text, cells, et al to single line individual elements.
It requires NO reentry and stays inside the original file and you can be very selective with the command as to what to drop.

I can also import any TTF, true type font, from Windows into MicroStation.

Pete Bac
09-23-1999, 06:50 PM
1. Set up a new printer in Autocad and choose "Autocad DXB File Format (pre 4.1) - by Autodesk, Inc.".
2. Allow all of the default settings.
3. Plot to this printer using extents and scale-to-fit.
4. Then use the command DXBIN to bring in the just-created DXB file.
5. You will have to scale it to bring it back to the scale that you started with.

This method 'explodes' the text into single lines.
It seems to be alot quicker then tracing.

10-05-1999, 01:48 PM
Use the SPLINE command on your exploded fonts...there should be some information on that in the archives.

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