View Full Version : Corel/Vector CAD-CAM question???

10-14-2001, 10:31 AM
I'm a seasoned corel user but without 3D experience. Do you make the file as a 2D CDR file and then allow the Vector CC program to emulate the 3D cut paths. Corel 9 don't offer any 3D emulations except for bitmaps. A brief discription of the transition or photos/diagrams of files would be appreciated. Also, how long would you estimate an average user to design a highly realistic mask of a face (considering you have good design ability). How long would the cut averagely take. I hope these questions don't seem to unreasonable, as I need an honest opinion and description of the machines "practical limits" (I realize that any exacting cut can be made) I am a very experience design artist with zip for CNC experience, outside of using a plotter. I own a sign company , now hand carving signs, and also a painter and have an art bronze foundry and a cabinet shop.