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06-09-2003, 12:41 AM
Attention Vector CAD/CAM users:

I have a new program that I am hoping to get some help beta testing and I know that there are some serious Vector users here.

First off, what I have done is decode/decifer Vector's clipboard format and hope to make some addon programs that can use this data, modify it, and then let the user paste that data back into Vector.

The first program I have finished is one that sets all the geometry in the Clipboard to zero [Z=0.0]. You would use this if a)you got a bad DXF file that all the geometry was not on the same level. b) You want to move geometry that is at different levels all to one level, easily. Note: This function, while similar in function to the NURBS "Project Curve XY-Plane", it does not mess up ARCs or lines into NURBS curves, so Vector can still use them with the normal line/circle functions.

The program is called GeoCrush and can be accessed via Vector's File->Excecute option. Once setup, it works just like any other Vector dialog (except it tells you when you made an error instead of just beeping). The program is very small and can be safely added to the Vector folder so that Vector can find it when you Execute it.

Currently, it has only been tested on an XP machine running Vector 9.4.61 and would like to make sure it works with other versions Vector. I am 99% it will work with all 32bit versions of Vector but do not know about the 16bit versions, thus the reason for this beta test.

If you are interested in using this program and trying it out (hopefully, it is just a start to bigger and better programs) drop me an email with the word "GeoCrush" in the subject line, include your OS version and Vector version you are using. My email address is:


Replace the (at) with @ and (Dot) with .
Sorry for this, but I already get to much SPAM.


Bruce Clark