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06-02-1999, 12:42 AM
So being a SB newbie I'm curious what "standard" catalogs you all recommend I have on hand. Mainly router bits and general woodworking and sign making tools.


06-02-1999, 11:04 PM

While my background in woodworking is limited, if
I need to find a special tool recomendation, I
just go to Onsrud's website and pick the material
and let them suggest a bit. The address is:

Even if I don't get an Onsrud bit (they are good
bits) I use that information to go to Home Depo
(for example, doing a job on a weekend) to find
something similar to the recommended style.

If you live in the sticks, you might try some
mail order houses for bits. Just remember,
if you have a big job come up, order two of what
you need. If you have two, you will NOT need the
second one. If you have only one, that one will
break BEFORE you finish the job (Murphy's law
specifically states this!).

Lastly, you will have some freak job come up that
you cannot find a bit that will work listed in
ANY catalog. Those are the time you need to visit
a local machine supply house. They usually carry
one of everything! For example, I needed to cut
some 2" thick blue insulation foam for some
external signs. The longest bits I could find
were WAY under 2" in "cut" length. This was not
going to cut it (literally). So off to my local
tool crib supply house.

There I found EXACTLY what I wanted. A 1/2" 2
flute high helix XL end mill. The length of cut
was over 3" and the entire endmill was over 6"
long. Now, the only thing about machine supply
places, is they have no problem telling you that
this particular endmill cost $70 with a straight
face. I needed it for this job, so they had me,
but they had what I NEEDED. The first thing I
remember thinking is "if I break this endmill, I
am going to cry!"

So, look around your Home Depot/Builder Square/
Lowes ect to see what type of bits are out there,
and also get some mail order catalogs, and by all
means, get a catalog from one of your local
machine supply places. They have stuff that will
get you out of a bind, just be prepared to pay.

Bruce Clark
bwclark@centuryinter.net (mailto:bwclark@centuryinter.net)

07-10-1999, 11:59 AM
Hi Guys,
My first time doing this,be patient. You might try some of the mail-order machine suppliers such as:ENCO, www.use-enco.com or Victor Machinery Exchange, www.victornet.com or perhaps some of the home machinist user groups. Hope this helps.

02-23-2002, 12:06 PM
Does anyone know of some suppliers of 1/4" diameter closed cell foam backer rod for vacuum clamping setups?