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    Drivers Not loading

    Well as I said in a prior post my 2005 computer died so I got a 5 year old tower and remove windows 10 and installed Microsoft XP Professional.
    But the IO Gear drivers for the USB port are not...
  2. What’s your thoughts on a new used computer?

    Seems my computer died today, virus I suppose.
    It was a Dell desktop 2003 with Microsoft XP. I used it running the 2007 PRS standard I bought in 2007 and run part works version 1.0.

    My question...
  3. Price adjusted, more pictures

    Couple more pictures, Re adjusted Pricing to $9500.00
    Pictures are of hold down vac and some tooling- not all is shown.3051230513
  4. For Sale 4'x8' PRS Standard, HSD 3hp Spindle Eastern Washington

    Selling 2007 Shopbot standard 4'x'8 router, digitizer, tooling,computer sys, grizzly dust collector, home build Hold down vacs, HSD spindle and motor controller. Using Parts works program, computer...
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    Checkout procut sawmills out of canada. I'm in...

    Checkout procut sawmills out of canada. I'm in process of making one using the Stihl 600 saw. I currently use a 36" Alaskan mill that allows me walk into the places I can't drive and cut but the...
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    Did you locate a Botter for cabinet work yet? ...

    Did you locate a Botter for cabinet work yet?
    I'm in Clarkston, Washington
  7. 4x8 stndrd shopbot with 3hp spindle 2007 $10500.00

    Sending an updated price $10,500 for tooling, computer, LIGHTLY USED 4X8 router with 3 hp spindle, I bought new 2007. I also have homemade vacuum hold down table Buyer will need to make a new dust...
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    prs stnd z axis motor stops....

    Out of nowhere the other day my z axis motor stopped running and I could not get it moving again, I did swap out the cables from the y axis to the z and vise versa and she worked fine then upon...
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