Hello, ShopBotters.
The International Woodworking Fair is coming to Atlanta August 25-28, and ShopBot has been given a limited amount of discount codes good for $5 off the $20 registration fee.
If you're interested in attending IWF and would like to take advantage of the discount, please send an email to dave.m (at) shopbottools dot com. Please Use "IWF Discount" as your subject line, and also please indicate how long you've owned your ShopBot and what model it is (if you know).
If you don't yet own a ShopBot, you can still take advantage of the discount; however, you must bring your checkbook or credit cards to the show and be ready to take one of our demo tools home with you. It's actually a great deal if you live in Atlanta because you'll save on the delivery charges and your tool will be fully assembled and dialed in.
If you are interested in taking advantage of our demo tools, give Dianne a call here at the shop, and we'll let you know what will be available.
See you in Atlanta,