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Thread: replacing X axis proximity switch

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    Default replacing X axis proximity switch

    Hi there,

    I have to replace the X proximity switch on my Desktop. I received a replacement switch from Shopbot this week so I removed the old one and I am looking for advice on how to fix the new switch on the aluminum chassis where the old one was.

    The old one seemed to be attached with some kind of glue... Any suggestion on what type of glue was used ? The back of the switch is like a printed circuit board (fiberglass like).

    Right now i tested it with double sided tape but i want to make sur it doesnt come off because it changes my 0 position on the X axis and some of my cutting templates are no longer valid.

    Thanks in advance for all your wisdom ;-)

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    During shipment both of my proximity switches came off. Ace hardware had Locktite super glue, gel control. Worked great and no problems since.

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    On one of our Desktop's both the additional prox's had to be removed as one fell off and the other had to be moved back an 1/8". Kirk used regular 5 minute epoxy and no issues since.
    scott P.
    2013 Desktop/spindle/VCP 12.0*

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    Thanks for the shared experience. I'll get one of these glues.

    This forum (the poeple contributing to it) is so great...


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