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Thread: Guilloche Pattern Generator

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    "Unfortunately I had to empty this bottle" I just re-read the original post. You aren't looking for volunteers are you?

    Regarding HF tools. I am not nearly as gifted as some of you. So my use of HF tools is determined by that fact. To me the difference between a $50 tool and a $200 tool will make no difference as to the quality of my result. Soooo I would rather have 4 $50 tools to experiment with than 1 $200 tool. If it turns out I can actually use the $50 tool and need better results then I may upgrade and get the $200 tool.

    Fortunately for me I have a Bot and in a past life I acquired some computer skills. Also the nice folks at Vectric are still talking to me after the 10,000 or so questions I have asked them over the years. So the higher price of the Bot and Vectric were certainly worth the expense, but I still stand by my selection criteria for my smaller tools. Russ
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    Quote Originally Posted by chiloquinruss View Post
    [I][B]......... You aren't looking for volunteers are you? ............
    Sure, if you are in the area (Pasadena) come by and say hello. I think I can find a reason to engrave another bottle. Then you can also admire my "shop" which is maybe 5% the size of your woodworking palace

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