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Thread: Hogging Out - Saving Time - then finish bit

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    Default Hogging Out - Saving Time - then finish bit here is a simple question...for some...except for me. I am making a sign for myself and doing a pocket cut. I am trying to speed up the tool paths by running a 1/2 inch bit the first pass and then cleaning up with a 1/8" around the letters where the 1/2 could not reach. I know this is simple but what am I missing. If I choose the same letters and box again, it is just air cutting everything, with the exception of the letters. Should I do a profile around the letters first with a small bit? Thanks.

    P.s. I am still new to this...trying to figure most out on my own...but still get stumped from time to time. Thanks for your patience.

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    I might have just answered my own question. What I was trying to do was speed up a 7hr job with a 1/8" pocket tool path. I just tried it again. I used a 1/8" bit first, then increased to a 1/4" bit and set those up as profile tool paths. Then I went back and did my pocket tool path with the 1/2 bit. Total down to about 1hr. Is this the best way to do this?

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    If you are using aspire or vcarve you can use the pocket toolpath select your 1/8" bit and then below you can check large area clearing tool and select a 1/2" bit. This will make two toolpaths for you.
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