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Thread: Aftermarket Relay For Extra Output Controls

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    Default Aftermarket Relay For Extra Output Controls

    I just wanted to share with the community what I did to my Desktop. On the computer controller, it shows that I use output 1 for the spindle, and nothing for 2&3 (4 seems to be blocked out). I wanted to be able to control my shopvac with the output, so the program would automatically turn off the shopvac at the end of the program, and between tool changes.

    I have wired up a fairly bit of an overkill, but it will work well for what I need. I have wired up a 15A relay switch to an outlet for the shopbot, and controlling power going to the relay is a 3 way (SPDT) light switch. When this switch is down, the power is sent to the relay. If I activate this relay the shopvac will turn on. If the light switch is up, this relay gets no power. Instead, it sends the power to another light switch (regular SPST) which i can use to manually control the shop vac.

    For the relay control position, I am using the shopbot to activate the relay. I bought a 2 channel 5v relay designed for Arduinos and Raspberry PIs for about $7 shipped and wired it into the ShopBot controller and I use one channel to activate the relay by the lightswitch. I have attached a couple pictures for description. I am not sure what I will use the other output for, but I have another output I can use to control something else.


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    I was going through some old posts and saw that the pictures here were a bit lacking. Specifically the pictures of the relay wired to the desktop, so I am uploading those now.
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