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Thread: Looking for shopbot owner around Charlotte North Carolina

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    Default Looking for shopbot owner around Charlotte North Carolina

    I recently had Brady Watson do some 3D scans for me and he did an amazing job. One was for a banjo neck and guitar neck and I'm having a bear of a time trying to get one cut out successfully I was wondering if there was anyone out there that may know a little more about it than me that might be willing to give me a hand

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    Like a dummy I never thought to contact Brady but he has been kind enough to walk me through it and help me out and he's all the help I need I should have thought to ask him in the first place so if someone could delete this topic that would be great

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    No T.
    Have it left up to remind people of how helpful Brady/IBild can be if you've done you're best and hit a snag.
    Wish I'd been as smart as you years ago, but I was a newbie at Cut3D/still had 4" Z/and thought I could figure it out myself(in spite of him offering help.
    One total disaster when the piece came loose,and still looking for a perfect piece of wood for my 100yr old Inuit Soapstone "Walrus" he scanned,
    that was so detailed that it showed hematite inclusions that were about .01".
    An excellent example of Brady's help to all, and benefits of a detailed scan!
    scott P.
    2013 Desktop/spindle/VCP 10

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