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Thread: Vexta asd30A-A driver not working (non-shopbot firmware)

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    Default Vexta asd30A-A driver not working (non-shopbot firmware)

    Hello All,
    I am working on building an indexer for my PRS Alpha BT48.
    As a first step I bought a used Vexta ASD30A-A, the same driver in my shopbot currently. I understand that Shopbot loads a custom firmware on the ASD30A-A that they use. My understanding was that the custom firmware changed the step resolution only.
    The issue I am having is I swapped in my used ASD30A-A for the Z-axis just to confirm it was operating correctly, but I am getting no motor movement. I am also getting no alarm light. The control software thinks it is moving the Z axis when I test it, but since there is no alarm it doesn't know there is a problem.
    What I am trying to determine is if the driver I bought is bad, which is very possible, or if the changes Shopbot makes to the drivers they use make it no longer a direct replacement. I have the dip switches set the same as the OEM drivers.

    Any ideas would be helpful. I would also be willing to pay Shopbot to reflash my used driver with their firmware, but I want to determine if this driver is good, or bad first.

    Thank in advance,


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    If you go ahead and send it to them they will likely test it first for you.
    (Call and discuss or email customer service first.)
    Someone else may be able to tell you how to test or determine driver issue before hand, but I can't.
    SB customer service likely can.

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    As far as I know, there is no custom firmware in the ASD30AA for indexers - only XYZ motors (ASM98AA-T7.2). Custom programming is not at all common in used non-SB drives. If you bought the drive used, assume it is box stock programming.

    In my experience, it is VERY easy to misalign the ribbon cable on the Alpha board. Make sure the pins are properly aligned - although I doubt this is the issue in this case.

    Normal operation for these drives when powered up is to have both the green power light and red alarm light blinking until the alarm is reset with the blue button. Are you at least getting a green power light on the used drive?

    When the drive is powered up and motor plugged in, does it hold motor position?

    When the drive is energized AND the motor is unplugged from the front of the drive, does the red light flash?
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    Thanks for the replies Bleeth and Randy. I did get it working, but I'm ashamed to say I don't know why it didn't work the first time. Brandy, your comment about misaligning the header might have been what happened.

    I'm moving forward slowly on my 4th axis, between other projects. I think I have all the wires, connectors and even a nice little chuck. Now I just need to wire things up, and build a motor mount. Actually my plan is to start with a hard maple motor mount, and then move to steel if it's not rigid enough.

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