ShopBot Tools is one of Vectric's longest standing machine tool partners and we have both enjoyed a fantastic working relationship for nearly 20 years. In that time Vectric developed a bespoke version of VCarve Pro - the ShopBot Edition - which was distributed exclusively by ShopBot with its machine tools. Over the last few years, however, the core product range has developed rapidly to meet the demands of both customers and OEM partners. The bespoke aspects of 'ShopBot Edition' made it increasingly difficult to integrate into Vectric's new feature updates and particularly its cloud services - these include free online clipart, the online tool database, free projects & many other support materials. ShopBot customers rightly wanted to enjoy these benefits, along with the rest of the Vectric community. The solution was for ShopBot to move to providing Vectric's core VCarve Pro product from May 2019 and the 'ShopBot Edition' was discontinued after a final, free, upgrade of all V9 customers to V9.5.

While the 'ShopBot Edition' was actively developed, Vectric offered its excellent, but unusual (perhaps unique in the industry), policy of providing free updates of the 'ShopBot Edition' to those who had bought it within a year of the new release. But, as a distinct product, there has never been an automatic or free entitlement to a conversion to the core VCarve Pro product - this has always been a paid upgrade option only.

With the release of Vectric's V10 range this week we realise that some 'ShopBot Edition' customers have been disappointed not to receive free or heavily discounted upgrade options because the product is no longer being developed.

ShopBot always strive to provide the best service they can and it is a source of regret for Vectric that a very positive, and usually well-received, upgrade policy has resulted in a negative experience for some ShopBot customers this week. Both companies are currently working together to try and provide the best solution we possibly can to this issue on behalf of our customers and we appreciate your patience in the meantime.