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    I had a couple questions about Cabinets Parts Pro. I have not downloaded the trial version. But I think I have watched all the videos.

    1- I am curious if this works for face framed cabinets? I haven't seen anything about your program and face frames.

    My assumption is if I had a 30" wide cabinet, and wanted ½" of scribe on both sides, I would cheat and tell the program it was a 29" cabinet?

    2- Can I specify one side of the cabinet being a finished end/different material? If I have a 30" wide faced frame cabinet with ½" of scribe on the left and a smooth finished end on the right, can I tell the program I want a 1 sided melamine/ 1 side veneer on the right side of the cabinet only? Or eliminate a side completely if I was doing a paneled side?

    Thanks, Mason

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    You are correct with face frame assumption. CabinetPartsPro is a box maker and you would need to enter in the box size and not the width with face frame. It does have some features to help like having the option to set bottom up from the sides to help align with a frame.

    You can move parts from one sheet to another. The option to automatically separate the right side from the left side will be in the next version. Currently the nesting section of CabinetPartsPro is going through a major update and once that is finished the data entry will be updated.

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