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Thread: Looking for a Post Processor for vacuum pods.

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    For cabinetry a universal hold down system really is the best way on machines like this.

    If you did go the pod route you'd have to locate the pods in VCarve/Aspire, and then use the coordinates to drive your machine to where each pod will need to be for that particular job and move the pod there. You could make this work (I've done similar jigs before) but the only way it's going to be worth it is if you're running hundreds of the same part.

    Cabinetry typically has lots of different parts that are large, and that's where the universal vac system is really great.

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    Ok, got ya. That wouldn't be so much a postp situation as it would be a software recognition of say a "Pod" layer where when choosing to add tabs, it would avoid that overlapped area. That might be something to push for in a future version. They already have "Avoid corners and curved regions", so avoiding overlapping layers shouldn't be out of the realm of possibilities or even for a gadget. Maybe get in touch with their gadget guru Mike Jarrett.

    Until then, Eric's pod placement locator toolpath might be the best bet. Just a zero depth drilling path with a dwell time to place the pod. Your post for that could have a pause placed for each dwell time and hit enter when ready for the next place.

    How are your pods moved? Could the machine slide them without damaging anything?

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    I posted these pods on Etsy for sale. Put to search "vacuum cup". If there is enough interest I will work on getting a post processor for this application.

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