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    Severely limited for room in my garage. So looking at small CNC Machines. I saw a video of a guy who had his Desktop mounted on an office desk in his garage and it made me wonder how reasonable it is to consider putting one on my office desk in the house. There I have the room. My question is: One question is does dust fly into the air when cutting? Shopbot has those mini enclosures that go around the machine that look like they would keep most dust an chips on the table. He also used a shop vac for vacuum. Could something like that work indoors? Would there be dust escaping the vac system and enclosure and going into the air? Would it be too loud inside the house? Any insight would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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    I have a cyclone dust system that works very well. I never have to wear a dust mask when cutting and there's virtually no residue after a cut. I would be fine with putting one of these machines in my house vs. the garage. The key metric in dust collection is the CFM's. The bigger, the better.

    As far as noise is concerned, a lot depends on you. If you're using a router, it's going to be loud and probably beyond acceptable. If you're using a spindle, they are a lot quieter and probably would be fine.
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