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Thread: Hame based shop structure insurance, who do you use?

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    Default Hame based shop structure insurance, who do you use?

    I don't know what changed but after 15+ years my shop structure is, apparently, no longer insurable.

    We work from a small farm and we build our bat houses in a 36x36 shop on the property. For the entire time it has been covered as an "additional structure" through my farm (homeowners) insurance without issue. They know what we do, no secrets. Now I'm told that a personal structure with a business operating from it is no longer insurable for "reasons". Something about changes in Georgia law not long ago. I will need to seek commercial insurance on the structure. So, going to my business insurance provider I get "no, we can't insure the structure, it's personal property, you need to insure it as an additional structure under your farm (homeowners) insurance."

    Now I go to an agent, they have been trying for 3 weeks to find coverage with no success. Right now, if a tornado or fire takes out my shop, we are screwed.

    What insurance are you using (companies)? Specifically, I need structure insurance on the shop. I would like to hear from others that personally own their shop and run a small business from it, I know I'm not alone here. Georgia or not, maybe I can find one that will cover it.
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    I use Liberty Mutual. I have a bone to pick with them though. All of a sudden my insurance jumped $81 per month because they added "Terrorism Risk Insurance". WTF!!! I live out in the woods far from anywhere. I think they just made it up jack rates up. I've been insured with them for 14 years and never had a claim.
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    Same scenario here. Too many cross-contamination issues with coverage, so more and more, the family package big name type insurers avoid us like the plague. Liability issues cost them the most legal headaches, and though we're all good guys running clean operations, doesn't take long to imagine how sideways a situation can become with a business operation on personal residence. One bad apple....

    I have one or two choices, but so far, Acuity has been great. Not cheap, but they pay handsomely when it comes to losses. Last year, had golf ball hail. New roof on house. New roof on shop. Totaled one car. $4g damage on another. One deductible. No holdbacks /depreciation factors - they just sent a check.
    Can't say enough good about these guys.

    Same storm, had friends and associates with holdback checks, weeks of daily phone calls to insurance company with a blinding amount of asinine problems (and the perennial "due to covid-19...").
    Some roofers in our area flat out refuse to do your work if you're carrier has a history of slow payments and undue complexities and burdens for the contractor.

    That's just how it works out here - obviously recommend Acuity, but not sure if they operate in your state. May need to contact a few independent agents in your area, particularly those engaged in commercial lines, to find one representing them.
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