24" Z-Axis! PRS Alpha (2013) 48" x 96" 1.7KW HSD Spindle low hours on rebuild. 2.5HP Blower vacuum pump

I bought from JD Winters here on the SB forum
He used it for foam, I have only it for HDPE. Works fantastic

Just trying to get an idea of what I should price it at. I will probably be looking at getting a smaller machine BT32 or BT48 since most of my stuff is small. Although the Z Axis is able to do 24" I currently have it set up at 8" on Z axis but still have the Parker extrusions and someone would have to buy (About 600-700 from SB) or build taller legs to put it back to 24"
Would also be open to some one trading up with a BT32 or BT48 and pay the difference in value.