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    For sale:
    I’m offering a mixed breed CNC for sale…

    This was a project my church acquired thinking they could resurrect it… I don’t know its full history, but when I got involved, I abandoned the problematic mach III operating system and controller and bought a new ShopBot RBK controller for it. I replaced the Z axis with a nice precision lead screw mechanism, increasing the Z axis to anything that will fit under the gantry… about 3”.

    The Y axis is a very precise recirculating ball mechanism, rack and pinion driven. The table is a very heavy steel frame with an aluminum T-slot top.

    The RBK controller is setup for a 3 phase spindle, not a problem if you don’t have 3 phase though, just leave that contact unused, nothing internal is 3 phase.

    Why am I selling such a wonderful machine? I simply haven’t had the time or been able to figure out how to eliminate slop in the X axis rack and pinion.

    A machine shop friend thinks this machine started life as a plasma cutter. I haven’t found any suggestion as to original brand.
    The unit is located in Garland TX, the 2 o’clock suburb of Dallas.

    A forklift is available to assist loading.

    $5000.00 OBO

    steve dot glassel at sgmfg dot com

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