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Thread: New Computer - Issues with Zzero

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    Scottp55 - Wouldn't take me 2 years, just being away from using it for a few months have taught me to make a laminated sheet with the appropriate information I am just getting started and will gather all the info I should need and laminate it. I'm sure there is something in my piles of documentation that may already have it and I probably just need to dig it out and take it to my wall.
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    Yep Joe
    Been on bed rest since Jan 22.....I'm SURE I've got a list like yours buried in the shop somewhere too!

    My machine will probably throw first hissy-fit in yrs from being ignored!!
    MAY have to threaten it with being used as a canoe anchor Again!!
    I'm positive there'll be some brain farts starting cutting again!
    scott P.
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