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Thread: FOR SALE: Shopbot Desktop D2418 CNC

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    Default FOR SALE: Shopbot Desktop D2418 CNC

    Shopbot Desktop D2418 CNC For Sale
    $3,750 or Best Offer

    CNC was purchased in late 2014 for personal woodworking projects. It has always been well maintained and is in great working condition. It has minor cosmetic wear from use and age (T-Track scuffs, oxidation on the black screws, plastic machinery cover is secured with tape, and slight damage to the alligator clamp for z-zero).

    D2418 Comes with original machine accessories:
    • VCarve Pro / Shopbot Edition
    • Zero plate homing switches & dust skirt
    • Spindle 1HP 110V 1PH 110V Delta S-drive
    • Includes quite a few collets, including ¼", ½", 1" and others
    • Original, unused Shopbot Spoil board

    Local Pickup in Dutchess County, NY (2 hours North of NYC)
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