DISCLAIMER: Just needed to vent somewhere, frustrated to bits with this machine.

Seeing as we're in lockdown,

Decided to recommission the PRS Alpha 5'x10'. We ignored it for the past two years because of a plague of operating problems that we just gave up trying to solve.

Seeing that shopbot updated the firmware, I was excited to try it out. Even got a spanking new laptop for this.

The only thing we changed was to disconnect the B Axis that had been leaking voltage since it was delivered. Give the shopbot the best chance of not finding an error to throw at us prepped a mahogany panel for a coffee table build which was to be inlaid with a mandala and white epoxy poured in.

Super excited, we might get our largest CNC in the shop back to work and behaving!

Our excitement for the new control software and getting the machine running flawlessly was enthusiastically killed by the machine and software. After 7 random stops (of varying errors), 2 missed Z pull up steps (which effectively destroyed the panel), We were reminded why we decommissioned this machine. I'm sure my experience with this machine is an outlier (when it works (rare) it works brilliantly).

What have we done to try sweet talk this baby beast?

1) Complete grounding
2) Disconnected B axis that leaks voltage
3) Reinstalled all the electrical connections three times (not cheap)
4) Installed a voltage conditioner and stabilizer to power supply (very not cheap)
5) Switched out control computers and completely isolated them (6+ times)
6) Used all combinations for feed, speed, ramp, etc that we could imagine
7) Slowed everything to a crawl
8) Switched out USB cables (10+ times)
9) Servicing and maintenance on a strict schedule

I think the only thing left to do is change out the Shopbot control system and use an aftermarket third party system. I sincerely think there is a problem with the control boards utilized that make them erratic in behaviour and susceptible to errors.

I'm sure I'll still tinker with the machine, till then can't risk critical work on it.

The machine was fully serviced before trying out the file.

The errors thrown up range from:
a) no error at all. Just stops and completely shutsdown. Most common "error"
b) "Shopbot no longer being recognized"
c) Something about a limit switch or stop being triggered. Checked all of them and all seemed alright

Pictures of latest victim attached: