I bought an older used CS40 which I plan to send to Thermwood in a year or two to completely refurbish - you can see the process here:


It's massive overkill for what I'll be using it for and that's the point, I can grow into the machine and "soon", it will be like a brand new machine at a fraction of the price of a new one... waiting quote for that but my guess is that alone will cost more than a new Shopbot it replaced, in addition to the purchase which cost more than a new Shopbot PRSAlpha with all the options too.

Just comparing the capabilities, it's a whole other world and I can't wait to get it in my shop.

This week will be training by the current owner, then I have to figure out how to get this 9K pound machine in my shop without a forklift.

If it wasn't for ShopBot, this wouldn't have been possible - I just wished they had a dedicated team focused on not only improving the platform but working on the next generation to leapfrog back into competitiveness.

ShopBots will never be a Thermwood, but they can be greatly improved.