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Thread: double sided under-canopy sign

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    Default double sided under-canopy sign

    Hi all

    Here's a small double sided sign that we just made for a vetrinary clinic as part of a larger illuminated sign job. it's not my design, just the corporate logo that I had to make fit into the LL specifications.

    The letters were cut on my 'bot and also I did a shallow pocket in the background so I didn't have to worry about spacing the letters properly. The main background panel is 2" HDU (cut on the tablesaw since it's just a square) and the white panel and letters/dog are 1/4" PVC painted per the corporate specs. I really didn't like that "salmon" color until i saw it with the rest of the letters. The color scheme does work, though I'd have chosen a vivid red. But that's the old sign maker in me I suppose.

    I also included the channel letters but only the backs/faces were cut on the CNC.
    IDKY the two photos were rotated. The forum software turned them that way even though they were taken upright.
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    Nice job, I love working with HDU Jerry

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