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    Hi im new and have a copy of ecabinet which i really like but i cant figure out how to export a file that the sb can use. I found that shopbot link will work but cant find it anywhere and i hear it cost about $1200. Is their a cabinet program that will work with shopbot that is free.
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    l think ecabinets is no longer supported or the dongle is no longer available.

    There are no cabinet software programmes that are free, the only one l have used that has a low cost is Cabmaker32, this works within Sketchup and produces DXF files for importing into Vectric products. The next step up would be Mozaik which is a very accomplished software

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    eCabinets is still free and fully supported by Thermwood. ShopBot Link, the interface between eCabinets and ShopBot, is no longer supported. I've been using SBLink since it first came out. I've been using eCabinets since 2009.

    If you can find a SBLink dongle, it is still an economical way to design and cut cabinet parts. If you can do it this way, until you're rolling in money and can purchase one of the multi-thousand dollar programs, it's the way to go. Many cabinet software developers have gone to a monthly subscription based service. This might fit your budget better then the really expensive software requiring purchase and ongoing monthly support fees.

    I'm not sure many of those high-priced programs have interfaces to the ShopBot CNC, as ShopBot is now outdated and not showing much forward progress on the big machines that are aimed to the production market. They dabble in that space but are no longer a leader. Their aim seems to be desktop machines which are no good for cabinet shops cutting 4x8 or 4x10 sheets of plywood.

    I've retired so I don't have any desire to purchase a multi-thousand dollar program to design and cut cabinets. The occasional small cabinet job I do for friends is still done using eCabinets and SBLink.
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