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Thread: Stoppage mystery

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    Recently I upgraded my PRT alpha with a 2.2 HSD spindle. Fantastic upgrade!! Since then I have had several communication failures resulting in a software crash. I re secured some wires, problem solved….. then, late last week I started getting a “limit switch” message when it was nowhere near the limit switch. So I looked around and discovered what I suspected was an original solder splice in the X axis proximity switch was loose. I re-soldered the wire to no avail. The proximity switch still doesn’t work at all. Insult to injury, now the Y proximity switch is on regardless of where it is. I call ShopBot and he said, yep, I need new switches so I order them and continue working with the input turned off. All is well, not for long. It’s still stopping at random and the #3 input light is on. I disconnected the wires from the terminals and it’s still on so I’m assuming it’s a software thing somewhere to turn off. Any suggestions? Also, when I opened up the control box it seemed unusually hot. I got my infrared thermometer and the little transformers inside were reading 148 degrees Fahrenheit at the hottest spot. Is this normal? I’ve never had a spindle so I don’t know how hot “normal” is. Thanks

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    Check your 24vdc power supply

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