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Thread: Wheel not turning

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    Default Wheel not turning

    Okay, so the other day as the ShotBot was working, I heard this unusual sound, a low loud humm, like a car engine idling. I then noticed the wheel on my right, nearest to me was not turning or even touching the rail. So I let the ShotBot finish the job and then inspected it. Now I did hit one of the stop bars the other day as well. Could I have knocked it off the rail? It was just a slight hit. When off, you can easily turn the wheel by hand because it is not sitting on the rail. It's a 96 x 48 machine.

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    Default y car

    Seems the y car would have to have been knocked out of square somehow. Was it under a heavy load during the project ?

    Both motors working on each side ? May have to square things up.
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