I was recently working on some projects with people who prefer metric. As an inches person I kept getting screwed up having to switch posts when I was working on my stuff vs. their stuff. I wanted to try making a post that could automatically detect the units used in the job setup and output the correct file.
I also thought it would be nice if it remembered your indexer settings as well (like z zero in center or on surface, X/Y parallel) so that you didn't have to adjust all those settings again either.
I do realize that sometimes you receive a file that is made in mm and you want to run in inches or some other change in configuration so I added a little dialog that lets you alter the units, z zero position etc. right before saving.
If anyone wants to give it a try, I'd love some feedback or any additional requests -- download here: https://www.shopbottools.com/files/ShopBot_TC.pp