I put the machine together a little more than a year ago. Everything works perfectly. But I have not cut anything with it. I have a bad back so we decided it's time for me to retire. I've been using shopbot c&c for 15 years and this is my fifth one. I have a lot of bits and other parts that go with the machine. Easiest way I know of to move the machine is a flat bed tow truck or a trailer with a come along.
Backup VFD.
Material hold down and track.
4 x 8 x .75 13 ply maple plywood.

Please see photos at Shopbot Craigslist Asheville.


I've been a cabinet Maker for 40 years and now I have to retire because of a bad back. I have lots of other tools, bits, and equipment. there's a link to some of the other things that are for sale. If you're a woodworker, you're going to see something you like. Priced to sell.