PRS Alpha 76 x 144 w/ Columbo Spindle for Sale

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Rail to Rail is 76in and Rail length is 144in
Unit has .5in aluminum bed that is 96in long and 60in wide. This makes for an extremely rigid machine.
On top of the aluminum bed is a vacuum plenum that is connected to two 220v vacuum motors, loud but effective for securing sheet goods.
Spindle is a Columbo 3phase with a Yaskawa V1000 VFD. I will check on the horsepower, at least 3 likely 5 if this a sticking point for you.

Also Included:
Windows PC with ShopBot software, VCarve, etc
ShopBot Pneumatic Drill
4th Axis Kit, I think. Never connected this, includes motor, contactor, ShopBot bracket.
Jet 2hp Dust Collector and rigid spiral tubing
Misc Collets and .5in bits

Price $15,000 OBO
Unit is in Reno, NV
Feel free to text me at 775-287-8084 if interested