Located in Milaca, Minnesota, this is a ShopBot PRT 48 x 96 steel frame CNC Router that I have been upgrading in a big way. However, I am now selling up and moving away, so it needs to go to a new home. It is a work in progress, and you will need to be comfortable wiring and working with tools to finish the job, but at this price, it is a steal for a machine that can be used in a production setting.

It comes with a brand new spindle and VFD. I also fabricated new stepper motor mounting plates and purchased brand new NEMA 23 planetary gearboxes and brand new stepper motors to vastly improve the machine's usefulness. Additionally, I purchased a centroid Acorn control system and Gecko G540 US-made drivers, so the software and controls are state of the art. All is included for you to finish the work and have a really nice CNC router for your shop.

At the price I am selling, the electronics and spindle alone cost half the price... so it's a steal, and it's FIRM. It can be disassembled by you to move on a trailer. You will need help with this as I can't do it due to back issues. You can also have all the old running gear, motors, etc.