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Thread: Using CabPartsPro, few questions

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    Default Using CabPartsPro, few questions

    Is there a way to get it to group all Sides (the ones that need drilling) onto fewer sheets rather than spreading them across all 4 sheets?

    Is there a way to zero from the table rather than material top?

    When saving toolpaths, it's inserting a Pause after every step (i.e. Drill_shelf, pause, Pocket_holes, pause, Dados, pause etc...). Where to I defeat that?

    Are there some nesting settings I'm missing? Nesting seems inefficient, I can copy every part from sheet 4 and nest them on previous sheets in the same orientation and remove sheet 4. The number of parts on sheet 4 varies from as few as 3 to as many as 12 depending on my nesting option.

    Is there a way to move a whole group of parts from one sheet to the next rather than one at the time?

    Will the shelf holes "peck drill" if I set the passes to 2?

    Is the MDF doors part of the program working? I've looked at it but haven't made much progress figuring it out.

    I'm sure I'll have more questions but that's it for now.


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    To quote Ryan from CPPro "If you have any questions about the features it now has email me at

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    I am having the same problem as Robers with nesting
    has this problem been solved?

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    Grouping nested parts:
    The nesting works by trying to fit all the parts on the fewest sheets. To put all the parts that need drilling on the same sheets it may not to give the best fit. I do plan on adding more sort options. In the newest version 7.2.1 you have the option to nest all the backs on there on sheets.

    Zeroing the Z:
    No there is not a way to set it up to Zero to the table. What I did was zeroed the bit to the table then raise the z to the thickness of the material then rezeroed there. I did use a modified version of the Z Zero file to automate the process.

    Post Processor (removing the Pauses)
    You can change this in the settings go to the cnc tab then click Setup Post Processor. On the Post Processor page there is a drop down box listing all the features Cabinetpartspro can produce. Select a feature then in the box below anything code typed in will execute before the selected feature is cut.

    For most parts sorting by the square foot works the best. The most difficult part in writing Cabinetpartspro was/is the nesting. I am working on a new nesting algorithm and will have a standalone nesting package up for beta soon.

    Moving a group of parts:
    No, but I think this is a great suggestion and will work on this.

    Setting it for two passes does not effect the drilling.

    MDF Doors:
    The MDF section has been in and out a few times. It is out in the latest version. I think free doors is a great program for mdf doors.

    If you have any questions you can email them to me at

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