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Thread: 2X4 Tubing for table?

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    Default 2X4 Tubing for table?

    I am thinking about having someone make a table for me instead of buying the shopbot one because i am going to have an indexer on the table. He was talking about making it out of 2X4 square tubing as opposed to the angle that feasible? I don't have a shopbot yet and haven't seen one in person so I have no experience with any potential drawbacks to doing it that way. I looked thru various threads to see if i could find anything, so forgive me if this has been gone over. If you could point me in the right direction I would appreciate it much....thank you!

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    Jack, Here is a thread with a picture of an interesting custom steel table with a drop channel for an indexer. It's about halfway down the page...

    I have also seen tables built with 2x4 square tubing. That should theoretically make a table that's plenty strong as long as it's designed properly with enough cross bracing.

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    I was hoping to hear some other opinions on this.

    I think it would be a good idea for the cross members. It would probably be stiffer than the angle I've got on mine. I would still gusset the inner top corner of the trough and tie them together with a lengthwise angle iron brace to prevent spreading and flexing of the individual members.

    You could even add a brace lengthwise along the center of the crossmembers for added stability.
    If you rely on the spoilboard for stiffness, you could quickly loose z travel.

    I would do something like this if I ever build another. (With even more lengthwise bracing on the bottom of the trough)


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