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Thread: Upright Arcade Cabinet

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    Default Upright Arcade Cabinet

    Came across this pic on my desktop. I did this Arcade cabinet a couple weeks ago. I run a full sign shop so I did the marquee and side decals too. Recycled an old shop computer and loaded some games for the kids (and me) to play, painted a monitor with Krylon plastic paint.

    All parts are 3/4" 2 sided black melamine cut on the bot and edged with T moulding. The joysticks are a game controller I bought online.

    I still haven't put the lower door on it yet.... It will look better by hiding he stuff below. anybody know where I can get a BLACK D handle door pull? I'll just plastic paint the Home Depot white one if need be.

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    That looks like the old game consoles from the 80's. But you forgot one VERY IMPORTANT component
    in your design...the slot for the quarters!
    good job.

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