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    Default Sign Foam/Board

    Anyone know where i can purchase sign foam in the Atlanta, Ga area? Also what sizes is the norm when ordering plus cost of the material which i can expect to pay, thanks guys,,Frank

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    Not sure about where to get in Atlanta but I can tell you to contact Coastal Enterprises. Just do a google search and you'll find them. They will be able to tell you who deals in your area. as far as sizes 4x8 is pretty standard and you can get thicknesses from 1/2" up to 3" standard and I think they will custom make other thicknesses for you. If you're making signs with them I reccomend using the 18lb signboard. It's nice and dense and is a little better if you accidentally bang a corner. This is from experience. Also buy their primer. Its heavy and dense and will give you a very smooth painting surface. However be prepared to dig deep into yor pocket. The last piece of 4x8x 2" I bought was around $300. Yikes!! THis is why I pre-sell the product. I dont have 3 or 4 sheets just sittin around the shop


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    We have purchased sign foam from Denver's Sign Supply in Louisiana. That was the closest dealer to us here in Northeasr Arkansas.

    You can also go to Sign Foam web page and do a search for a distributor in Georgia


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    Heres some great suppliers for precision Board..Golden west carrys even denser versions of HDU.. And the are Precisions Boards Sister Company nd the are very helpful

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    Sign foam from Denver in 18lb was almost 500.00! Jimminy Cricket, that's high. What makes this stuff so special? I would think I'll be selling my customers on wood signs when I get my shopbot in two weeks. (I already have 4 customers for signs and 10 houses for cabinet doors if I can come up to speed quick enough.)

    One more thing. During the presentation by Ted at the Jamboree he mentioned that the part wizard would v-carve "all" fonts. Did I hear something wrong? I do recall him giving a short example and he wasn't using one of the "red" fonts. I do remember that much.


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    I can't and won't answer for Ted but, I do recall him saying the NEW BETA ShopBot software will carve any "True Type" font that is properly constructed. The new software will carve many fonts and I have had success using it for "V-Carving" signs.

    Some of the "True Type" fonts are not "properly constructed" and will not carve properly. Others just plain flat don't look worth a damn, IMO.


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    Hi Wes,

    Ron's's the new Typesetter in the Windows software. It will v-carve MOST true-type fonts, but occasionally runs into a font that is encoded strangely and gives un-expected results. We're working on eliminating as many of these problems as we can, but if you're using Typesetter in the beta software make sure that you look at the file in preview mode before cutting.


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    Thanks yall. I was wondering if I would have to convince my potential customers of the wonders of those 10 fonts. It's very good news indeed that these fonts will/may be available for v-carving. If the program will vcarve some of the wingding type fonts we may be able to get vcarved stuff other than the alphabet!

    LOML is ready to get me out of the house and into the shop. I am chomping at the bits to get my prt96 and get started.

    btw. I read a different thread about how to make your table level. I used 4 fold down boat trailer jack stands with wheels for mine. Harbor freight has them for 17 bucks and they are rated at 1000lbs each. They have a handle for raising and lowering the wheel and they work great for moving and leveling the table.

    Best regards,

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    Sign foam and PB is a polyurethane based product thats why its so expensive. Petro based.. But the longevety and ease of use outway the cost.. It will never rot,Crack..Thay also brag it will not warp bit I can prove that wrong. The finishes and detail you can achieve are unbelievable but the down side it is fragile.. You wouldnt want it in a High traffic area where people could mess with it.. It is great for hanging signs as it is a lot lighter.. It does take some getting use to but once you do....The posibilities are endless.. But I'm biased.. Im also a resin mold and casting company.

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    " But the longevety and ease of use outway the cost.. It will never rot,Crack.."

    I remember that being the selling point of all the fiberglass boats I have seen in piles over the years....

    I remember one boat company stating the hulls were "Guaranteed for Life" unless stored in the water.....

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